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Sofa beds designed to be used everyday.

Comfortable as a sofa, amazing as a bed with a thick proper mattress.

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for everyday use

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Sofa Beds for everyday use

Our sofa beds are designed to be used every day as your main bed and your every day sofa. We specialize in sofa beds and make them to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you intend to sleep on it every night or need to offer the best sleep experience to your guests. Ours sofa beds are quite different. All our mattresses are 14cm thick and 2 metres (that’s 6'6) long. Opening and closing is effortless and takes seconds and because the cushions stay on, you'll have more space in the room. They’re as comfortable as any high quality sofa, we offer 5 designs in 6 sizes and choice of quality fabrics and leathers in 100s of colours. Choose and you’ll have the best night's sleep on a sofa bed, guaranteed! Read some comments from our customers.

Sofa Beds Guaranteed to Fit!

Our sofa beds are delivered in sections for easy access and assembly in your room.

We make great sofa beds

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My new sofa was delivered on time and with great courtesy and efficiency. Yesterday we used it for the first time and had a delightful and restful night's sleep. Thank you. Read more


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