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Quality leather sofa beds from The Sofa Bed Company

Posted 24th January 2013

High quality leather sofa beds are harder to find than you might think, unless you come to us at the Sofa Bed Company that is.

So what makes it so difficult to find high quality leather sofa beds? In truth many things.

The first problem is the sofa bed itself. Many out there are, frankly, a bit rubbish. They’re poorly designed and poorly made and comfortable as neither bed nor sofa.

quality leather sofa bed

High quality leather sofa beds in a range of beautiful colours.

By contrast our sofa beds are comfortable as both a bed and a sofa (they’re even suitable for everyday use). This is because they’re built around the very best mechanisms (details on each sofa bed model’s page) that money can buy. The mechanisms are strong – you can sit on the end of the bed when it’s open and it won’t tip – and open and close smoothly and easily time and time again. They provide the perfect base for…

….our range of fantastic, comfortable mattresses (again details on the sofa bed pages). Many a sofa bed is sold with little more than a thin piece of foam as an excuse for a mattress. Not ours. We offer you a choice of decent, thick mattresses that make our sofa beds as comfy as any bed.

And all this before we even get to the leather. Quality leather sofa beds need to be upholstered in good quality leather. It may sound the most obvious thing in the world, but one of the main reasons it’s difficult to find a good quality leather sofa bed is that many leather sofa beds aren’t even leather!  Yes really!

Many a furniture covering that is called “leather” is actually “bonded leather” or “split leather” or “faux leather”. None of this is 100% genuine leather. It has all be heavily treated and coated with a (very unnatural) substance and that’s if it was even leather in the first place. It won’t look as nice, feel as nice or last as long.  Worth it?  We don’t think so!

Our quality leather sofa beds are upholstered in 100% genuine leather that comes from British hides (have a look at the Fabrics page to see the range). It’s given only the minimal amount of treatment necessary so retains wonderful natural qualities. It’s supple, warm to sit on and incredibly hard wearing.

So hopefully this gives you a brief insight into why it’s so difficult to buy quality leather sofa beds. Why waste time looking elsewhere? Come and visit us at our workshops in London or Nottingham to see and try ours for yourself. Simply Contact us to arrange an appointment.



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