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Summer guest? Get the sofa beds ready!

Posted 12th June 2013

When the weather’s nice it lulls us into a false sense of security. Perhaps it’s just me but as I’m sat outside on a warm June evening I start to really believe that we’re going to have an amazing summer. Shivering and socks are history.

Ok, I know I was a little premature and we seem to have returned to winter this week, but the cooler temperatures haven’t stopped me dreaming of a summer of fun with friends.

And if you’re planning a summer of fun with friends you could let them sleep in the hammock in the garden. Might be fun. Or cold. Or uncomfortable.

If they’re real friends you could get yourself one of our fabulous sofa beds for them to sleep on. We haven’t come out with an outdoor version yet, but maybe that’s one for the future…


open sofa beds

Sofa beds are a great place to make your friends comfortable when they visit.


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