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Large sofa beds

Posted 18th April 2013

Large sofa beds can offer you a lot more than just a large sofa. Obviously the bed is bigger too and it’s a bigger piece of furniture over all…which gives you a lot more to love!

Sometimes it’s the case that the bigger the sofa bed the more ugly it looks as a sofa. Not with ours though. We offer six styles of sofa bed which are all available in four sizes – from small right up to extra large, which has a mattress size of 180cmx200cm, that’s the same as for a Super King bed.

quality large sofa bed

High quality large sofa beds in a range of beautiful colours.

Sometimes too the bigger the sofa bed the more uncomfortable the bed. Not surprising really when many have only a flimsy piece of foam resting on a laticework of thin metal for support.

This couldn’t be further from the truth with our large sofa beds. Just like all of the other sofa beds in our range they’re built around a super-strong frame. This frame is not only the base for the sofa seat when it’s closed but it’s what will make it comfortable for you as a bed as you sleep.

In fact our sofa bed frames are in fact so strong that you can even sit on the end of your bed when it’s open – just like you can a normal bed – and it won’t tip, fold or deliver any nasty surprises.

And if you’re wanting a large sofa bed it’s more important than ever that it looks great. So once you’ve decided which style works best for you and your family it’s time to start on the fun bit. And that’s choosing the type of covering and the colour. We offer a large range of fabrics and leathers.

On our Fabrics page there’s loads of information about the different options – for example if you have pets you might like to consider the Faux suede as it’s resistant to scuffs and scrapes and incorporates Healthguard to give added protection from bugs.

As we always say though the only way to really know what our large sofa beds are like is to come and see and try them for yourself. We have showrooms in London and Nottingham – all you have to do is Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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