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Small and Large sofa beds

Posted 18th January 2011

What’s your first memory of a sofa bed?  Mine, apart from the obvious comfort issues, is that it was small.  Small sofa beds have been the main stay of put-me-up Britain for many years.  What’s the reason for this?   Who knows, but it’s not simply that there isn’t enough space for a larger sofabed.  As the Sofa Bed Company has proven, the size of the sofa bed doesn’t necessarily dictate the size of the mattress.   For example our Cambio model offers a choice of arm widths, which change the dimensions significantly.

Another secret I can let you in on is that in the case of sofa beds small is not beautiful… but unfortunately for you small sofabeds is all most sofa bed manufacturers make.  Why?Because if they were any bigger they would not get into your home!

The Sofa Bed Company range includes small sofa beds – they still have proper, comfortable mattresses though – but significantly we offer also offer 4 larger sizes and one smaller (that one’s actually a chair bed).   Getting them into your home isn’t a problem because we deliver and install them ourselves.

The size of a sofa bed is key to whether or not your guests — or you if it’s a sofabed for everyday use — will have a comfortable night.  (Think how often it’s your parents who sleep on the sofa bed and there’s no one more prepared to be honest than them is there?). I don’t know about you, but most of my friends are quite alot bigger than I am, so that’s a consideration too if you want them to stay over.

Beautiful sofa beds from The Sofa Bed Company come in five sizes including extra large

A large sofa bed may not fit into your spare room, so why not consider having your main sofa as a sofa bed?  Ours are comfortable as a sofa and as a bed so designed to be used every day.  Large is large enough to impress anyone too!   We offer a beautiful range of fabrics and leathers so there’s something to suit every home.  All the details are on the Fabric page.  When you’ve had a look through why not order some free fabric samples?

The average bed size in the UK is 4’6 or 5′ (that’s standard double or king).  Any larger and it’s considered a luxury.  In fact though even The Sleep Council says we’re all sleeping on beds that are too small for us – have a look here at their information.   Also aren’t we all impressed by bed sizes in posh hotels?  Well why not bring that wow factor to your home – you may not have the space in your spare room or study to have a Super King bed there all the time but there could well be room for an extra large sofa bed which, when it’s a bed, is indeed that full size Super King bed.

But where would you put the cushions?  Surely a large sofa bed means large seat cushions to move and hide, probably 6 of them!  Ordinarily yes, that’s how most sofa beds come – not ours though.  Sofa Bed Company sofabeds  keep the cushions on the mechanism when in bed mode.  One less thing to worry about yes, but also a quicker way to get the bed ready for sleep too.

Large sofa beds are both impressive and hugely practical, with a bit of thought and room planning, the sofa bed of your dreams is possible.

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