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Small sofa beds – still just as comfortable!

Posted 12th March 2013

It’s quite often the case that small is beautiful – and with our small sofa beds it’s an adage that’s definitely true.

Small sofa beds that look good and feel great to sit and sleep on aren’t that easy to find are they? There seems to be an assumption among the sofa bed makers that big is beautiful. And it often is, but it doesn’t suit everyone.

If you’re looking for small sofa beds it may be that you have a small space, so anything bigger is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. We have five high quality sofa beds in our range – Classic, Retro, London, Cambio and Play – and they’re all available in a range of sizes from small up to extra large.

Let’s have a look at our small sofa beds in more details.  They’re 2 and half seater and have a mattress size of 115 x 200cm, which is a shade narrower than a small double in bed terms. The size of the footprint varies depending on the model, with Play being the smallest.  If you need more details about precise sizes, please don’t hesitate to call or Contact Us.  We’re a small, friendly team so happy to help.

Quality small sofa beds

The Play is the smallest of our sofa beds.


Or if small isn’t quite small enough, there’s always the option of having a chair bed, which has a mattress size of 80 x 200cm.

If you’re needing a smalls sofa bed because of access difficulties you may find that with us you can go bigger than you thought. We deliver our sofa beds ourselves (they’re in sections and we assemble them once they’re where you want them to be) and can get them into some surprisingly small spaces.

Whether you’re considering small sofa beds or large sofa beds or something in between the best thing to do is come and have a look at ours so you can see for yourself how they look and feel for yourself how they feel (they really are comfortable!). We have showrooms in London and Nottingham – all you have to is Contact Us to arrange an appointment.

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