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Sofa beds for everyday use

Posted 13th February 2013

“Sofa beds for everyday use? I can’t think of anything worse!”  The words of a visitor to our London showroom recently. That was until he unfurled one of our fantastic sofa beds for a quick lie down.

Granted that particular customer was visiting us to buy one of our storage beds so wasn’t familiar with our range of high quality sofa beds so his horrified exclamation perhaps isn’t so surprising. After all many a sofa bed out there is extremely uncomfortable and not something you’d really want to spend the odd night on and certainly not something to sleep on every night.

Sofa beds for everyday use.

Quality sofa designed and made for everyday use.

Our sofa beds are different though. They really are sofa beds for everyday use – designed and made to be used as a main bed every single night. And here’s why:

Firstly they are built around the very best mechanisms money can buy which means they open and close smoothly and easily time and time again. After all if you’re going to be closing and opening your sofa bed once every twenty four hours you don’t want it to be a struggle or a faff do you?

In turn the mechamism provides a proper, sturdy base for the sofa and the mattresses…

Sofa beds for everyday use need a proper mattress, which is just what ours have. In fact we offer a choice of mattress for most of our sofa bed models; there’s Coil Sprung, Pocket Sprung or the very latest Memory Foam. Have a look at the mattress pages of the individual sofa bed models for the details.

So it’s a combination of these things – and the fact that our sofa beds are comfortable as sofas too that make them ideal for use as a sofa by day and a bed by night. Every day and every night.

But why not come and see and try them for yourself. We have showrooms in London and Nottingham and would love to see you.  All we ask is that you Contact us to make an appointment.

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