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Sofa beds for people with bad backs

Posted 27th July 2011

If you’ve got a bad back, you’ll know from bitter experience that the quality and type of your mattress can make the difference between sleeping well and extremely uncomfortable nights. Apply the same knowledge to a sofa bed and the problem is heightened – not least because most are extremely uncomfortable even without a back problem.

Sofa beds from the Sofa Bed Company are different though. All four in the range are sofa beds you’ll love to sleep on, even if you have a bad back. The key is in the quality – and not just the quality of the mattress, but of the frame and mechanism too.

Our sofa beds have a hard wood frame which houses a strong metal mechanism. The mechanism is a vital component of a sofa bed, not only because it determines how easily it will open and close but also because it provides the base for the mattress. Ours are strong and easy to use and provide an extremely sturdy base. They also ensure the bed is at normal mattress height – another important factor if you suffer from back pain or difficulty bending.

A quality sofa bed mattresses is essential for anyone with a bad back.

And then there is the mattress itself. So often overlooked on sofa beds and sometimes little more than a thick piece of foam. Never likely to be comfortable hey? Ours all have proper, thick mattresses that easily feel as good as any normal bed. They’re all a full 14cm thick too which is highly unusual on a sofa bed.

The Sofa Bed Company also offers a choice of mattresses including traditional pocket sprung and Memory foam. Better still they all fold with the sofa so are neatly out of the way when you’re not using them. All the details can be found on the mattresses tab of the sofa beds pages.

But just because something is strong and practical, doesn’t mean it doesn’t look great too. Sofa Bed Company sofa beds come in a great range of high quality fabrics and leathers. Have a look at them all on the Fabrics page.

Why not come and try our sofa beds and see the fabrics for yourself? We welcome visitors to our workshops in Nottingham – Contact Us to arrange an appointment and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

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