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Sofa Beds for playrooms

Posted 19th March 2013

People buy our sofa beds for many different reasons. Some are for the main living room of the house to be used as an everyday sofa (they’re ideal for this). Others are for a teenager’s bedroom. But something else we’re quite often asked about is sofa beds for playrooms.

Of course sofa beds for playrooms face many of the same demands as sofa beds that are destined to live in other parts of the house.  But there are a few extra things to take into consideration.

Spills and thrills. With the best will in the world sofa beds in playrooms are more likely to be exposed to spills than others in positions where they’ll be mainly used by adults. Therefore one thing to consider is Guardsman fabric protection.  It’s both a fabric coating that helps the sofa bed repel any spillages and an insurance policy that covers you for your loss should the mark not come out. So don’t forget to add it to your order.

And then there are the thrills. Clearly our sofa beds can’t be used as a trampoline but they are well made and built to last. They’ve been designed for everday use (as a sofa and a bed). We cover the frames in the very best quality foam that bounces back into shape when you or you little ones get up.

Playrooms are fun places. So you’ll want a sofa bed that looks fun but feels good to sit and sleep on too – especially if you’ll be sitting on it in the evenings after the little ones have gone to bed. There are five sofa beds in our range – Metro, London, Classic, Cambio, Play and Retro. They’re all really comfy and can all be upholstered in fabric treated with Guardsman.

Sofa beds for playrooms

Sofa beds for playrooms need to be fun – and our Play sofa bed is ideal.

But it’s the Play that we really love for playrooms. It’s slightly smaller relative to the size of the bed than others in the range and can be made in any combination of fun colours. In fact we’ve noticed a trend for the weird and wonderful.  And never cease to be amazed about how fabulous they look.

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