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Quality sofa beds for small spaces

Posted 5th February 2013

The humble sofa bed is expected to do many things. Provide a comfortable bed for guests, a comfortable place to sit during the day….oh and look lovely. All of this and they’re often expected to be sofa beds for small spaces too.

And when it comes to sofa beds for smalls spaces you’ll find with ours you get more than you bargained for.  More bed and more sofa that is. Through clever design we have been able to give you a bigger bed relative to the size of the sofa than even we thought possible. Have a look on the sofa beds pages for precise details of the sizes.

Quality sofa beds for small spaces from The Sofa Bed Company

Our sofa beds come in a variety of sizes and width. Perfect sofa beds for small spaces!

In many ways if you know how big the space for your sofa bed is you’re off to a good start. It’s always the decisions that are the most difficult and that is at least one out of the way.

And if you’re wanting your sofa beds for small spaces then there are some additional things to think about. The main thing to consider is the aforementioned size of the bed. Believe it or not the size of the bed that opens from within is not as closely related to the size of the sofa bed as you might think.

We have built ours around the very best mechanisms money can buy so they’re strong and solid and, crucially if space is important, don’t need arms for integrity. Take a Small (2.5 seater) Play sofa bed for example.  It’s stylish and fun, yet doesn’t have arms so can fit into a smaller space relative to its size. The mattress is 120cm wide, yet the whole sofa is just 23cm wider at 143cm.

Small is beautiful though of course, so all of our sofa beds – large and small come in a large range of beautiful Fabrics and genuine British leathers.   And some even have the option of built in storage – have a look at the individual model pages for details.

We have two showrooms – one in London the other in Nottingham – where you’re welcome to come and see and try all of our sofa beds. All you need to do is Contact Us first to arrange an appointment.  And if it’s sofa beds for small spaces you’re looking for we can even supply a tape measure to ensure a good fit.


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