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Striped sofa beds from The Sofa Bed Company

Posted 13th July 2011

What better way to make a fabulous statement than to have a beautiful, striped sofa bed. We’re always looking for new fabrics to add to our range and the stripes most certainly caught our eye.

The majority of our sofa beds that are in homes up and down the land are in muted tones.  Perhaps browns or deep reds. They look lovely of course. But we love bright colours too. Our range already includes some wonderful vibrant reds and even orange, which never fail to impress.

One step on from a brightly-coloured sofa though is a striped sofa. We have five variations of stripes in different colours. Each one has its own character and looks great in its own right.  Have a look on our Fabrics page to see them all for yourself. The Fabrics page is also the place to order free samples that you can then keep to help you choose the rest of your furnishings.

One of five stripes in our range of sofa bed fabrics.

Perhaps a completely stripy sofa is a step too far for you though? Why not have part striped, part plain fabric?  Through our bespoke service we can make your sofa bed in any combination of colours you like – or even your very own fabric. Contact Us and we can talk about what will work well.

Go on, be bold! Go for stripes….

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